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Vengence Cover verticalVengeance: An Oak Grove Suspense

When Dr. Shayla Thorn moves back to her home town of Oak Grove, she is determined that this will be a new start for her and her son. But when Dylan’s father insists on righting the wrongs of theirpast, she’s torn between what she knows is right and what her heart wants. But the one thing she never expected was for her life to be thrown into utter chaos. 

Ryan Jacobs, former FBI agent and lead detective for Oak Grove and its surrounding areas, is determined to win Shayla’s heart and make up for the mistakes they made in the past. He won’t take no for an answer, but everything begins to unravel when he is called to the scene of a brutal crime, almost identical to a slew ofmurders he solved long ago.

It doesn’t take long for the pair to give into what their hearts want, but when an old nemesis seeks revenge on Ryan, everyone’s life is in danger.  Will Ryan find the culprit in time to save the love of his life or will she fall victim to a vicious killer’s vengeance?

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                                    Penance: An Oak Grove Suspense

penance-cover-promo_0004_front-vertical-coverJudson Hardenbergh’s life was perfect, that is until tragedy changed the course of his life.

When a fire claims his family, he gives up on everything. Will moving back to his home town of Oak Grove save him from himself or drive himinto deeper despair?

For Ryan Jacobs, Oak Grove’s Chief of Police, it’s been smooth sailing since the abduction and murders that plagued the town, and almost cost him his family. Though Mathis is still at large, Ryan is confident that he’ll be able to catch him before he strikes again.

When one of Ryan’s high school friends, Judson Hardenbergh, is accused of murder, he must jump into action and determine if ‘Jud’ is capable of committing this horrible crime. What he finds is that this case is more complicated than he imagined and that penance comes in many forms.

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Retribution: An Oak Grove Suspense

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Retribution is book three in the Oak Grove Supsense Series. In the final showdown, Mathis has Shayla and Ryan is pulling out all the stops to get her back.

He’s angry at himself and his wife, but after a late night phone call from Shyala, the pair agress to work toghether to take Mathis down, form the inside out. 

However, just as it seems their plan is working everything changes. Will Ryan be able to save her in time? Will he do the unthinkable to get her back? What price are they both willing to pay to find Retribution

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Fame and Consequences

Fame & Consequences - _0000_Vertical Cover.jpg

Up and coming author, Sophia Parker, meets Hollywood heart throb Elijah Stone, while she’s on tour for her book. They share an instant connection and while they do not acknowledge their relationship at first, they soon find themselves becoming Hollywood’s newest ‘it’ couple. But when threats start to come in against Sophia, will they be able to brave the consequences of fame or will it tear them apart?

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