Oak Grove Suspense Series: Box Set

The Oak Grove Suspense Series is a three part story that follows Ryan Jacobs and Shayla Thorn. High School sweethearts, who are separated by circumstances beyond their 24992947_10214416897197323_607060122_ocontrol and brought back together fifteen years later, when Shayla confesses that they had a child together. Ryan, now the local police detective, and Shayla, a doctor, have both moved back to OakGrove, to try and have a life together for their son.

Unfortunately, Ryan’s past comes back to put everyone’s lives in jeopardy. Prior to his return to Oak Grove, Ryan was in the FBI, working undercover to bring down the Mathis crime family. Only it turns out that the family is being led by Jason Mathis, a vicious serial killer, nicknamed ‘The Fox Killer’. After bringing him to justice, Mathis vows to seek revenge on Ryan and all that he cares about.

Over the course of the series, we see the cat and mouse game unfold between Jason Mathis and Ryan Jacobs. Can Ryan take Mathis down, once again, before he kills those he loves? Will Ryan be able to focus on other cases knowing that Mathis is out there waiting for his chance at revenge?

Included in this collection are: Vengeance (Book One), Penance (Book Two), Retribution (Book Three), and the bonus feature, When We Were Young, a prequel novella of Ryan & Shayla’s love story.