Suddenly Home

Since the threat of the virus Covid-19 has hit the US, there has been a growing number of  announcements stating events, churches, and schools will be temporarily closed. I believe this is a good thing, but this blog isn’t about my thoughts on the virus or protocols, I’ll leave that to the professionals. What I … More Suddenly Home

Missing Years

Missing Years When I set out to become a parent I imagined getting pregnant and raising my child. I could see all the happy memories unfold in my head. The first time I saw them, first time walking, talking, riding a bike on their own, going to school, graduating, everything I could imagine flit through … More Missing Years

Why Do You Homeschool?

  Over the years I’ve been frequently asked, “Why do you homeschool?” My answers have changed over the years, but here’s why I began homeschooling. My daughter, who my husband and I had just adopted, was struggling emotionally with her place in the world. She had a lot of deep-seated fears. The school counselor, who … More Why Do You Homeschool?


Hi Friends! I hope this New Year is finding you well! Each year I attempt to add more blogs, but time gets away from me. So, this year I thought I would have friends contribute to my blog. Not only is my blog for my writing, but I plan to add more healthy living and … More Today

Welcome 2018

2018 Happy New Year! I’ve debated over the past couple of days, if I wanted to do a new year blog. As I reflect over 2017, It’s not all bad, but the end of my year was tough and as I write this now, I’m not feeling well. But, I decided that I’d at least … More Welcome 2018

Penance Interview

Tell us about yourself. Hey, guys! I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend. I’ve had a super busy week this week, going into a busy weekend! I always seem to be busy with one thing or another, but that’s better than being bored, right? In case you’re not familiar with my work. … More Penance Interview

New Year New You

Isn’t that what we always say? We want to do things differently, better than the year before. We make decisions to eat healthier, get organzied, get out of debt, exercise, go to church more, start various activities, and all of that is good, great even. Then as the year goes, we lose track of those … More New Year New You