10 Day Author Challenge


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve participated in a 10 day author challenge on Facebook. Are you following me? If you’re not yet, you can do so here. Each day of the challenge, I posted a new little tidbit about myself or my writing. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and I hope to do something similar in the future.

Have a question you’d like me to answer? Send it to me in a comment on the contact from. Once, I get at least 10 questions, I’ll do another blog post like this one.

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Day 1.) What genre do you write?

I would consider myself a multi-genre author. My favorites right now are Crime/Suspense and Paranormal Romance. Both I like for different reasons. I also enjoy a good romance and try to have a little bit of that in all my writing, not as much in the crime suspense, but it’s definitely there. I’m also considering writing a book about my family history, something I never thought I’d do, but I’m excited about the opportunity. All around, I’d say I’m pretty eclectic.


IMG_8137Day 2.) Do you live in the city or country?        

I grew up in the city and have lived in the city for years. I loved the busy get up and go, the convenience, but that all changed once the kids came along. Now I enjoy being in my spot of nowhere, my kids can roam around freely with no worry, and we can sit and enjoy our mountain view in the evenings or hike in the woods and explore. No hustle no bustle, just calm and quiet. Except for the kids screaming, playing, and being loud, but that’s a noise I love to hear.


IMG_5882Day 3.) What’s your favorite recipe?

Hands down my gluten free low carb “Hostess Cupcake” aka: chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate ganache and cream cheese filling. It’s so rich and creamy. You’d never know there was no sugar or wheat in it, or that it’s super healthy for you. And what’s not to like about eating cake for breakfast with no guilt! Uh … I think I need to go make this right now. 🙂


crime-scene-logoDay 4.) What do like about writing Crime/Suspense stories?

Details and planning. In the past I’ve often ‘winged it’ in my writing, but you can’t really do that with crime/suspense, everything has a purpose and a link. I like figuring out what that is and watching it evolve into something awesome. Knowing the ending before you really know the beginning and working the story forward, backwards, sideways, before you’re actually finished. It’s a crazy mix that makes it all come together beautifully in the end.


8b43346a4f730e0710494599d5c432c8Day 5.) What is your favorite place to go to chill?

Uh, I’m a mom of small kids. There’s no chill. It’s more like hiding in the bathroom, eating chocolate, and praying they don’t use their supersonic hearing to hear that wrapper opening, so you can have five minutes of uninterrupted peace. HA!



Day 6.) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

This is a tough one. I have so many places I’d like to visit, but I’d really like to go to Sydney Australia. One of the characters, in one of my stories, does a book signing in Sydney. I’d love to be able to do that one day.


IMG_7682Day 7.) What do you like about Paranormal Romances?

I love paranormal in general because of the fantasy of it all. Sometimes I just need a departure from reality. Something fun and out of this world. I like writing new and different worlds that don’t have to follow our own social norms. I’m partial to vampires. I like non creepy vampires though, nothing worse than a droolie lurker! I like seeing them as the average person, but then underneath they are something more, something mysterious. I’m a romantic at heart, so combining the two seems natural. I like the idea that a vampire can find his or her true love, even if it takes lifetimes to do that. After all, they have all the time in the world, but when they find that person the connection is so strong they know, that no other person will make them as happy as they are in that moment.


433f65e3b820a37b29a6a68a4bb303b3Day 8.) Homeschooling, why do ya do it?

Several reasons, but the main one is, my kids will only be this age once, and I want to spend every minute I can with them. Even though sometimes I have to hide in the bathroom for a breather. I love watching them grow and learn. To see that lightbulb spark to life when something finally clicks. It’s beautiful. It’s hard and not for everyone, but it’s so worth the time and effort it takes.


IMG_7801Day 9.) Are you involved in any groups or charities?

I’m the Coordinator of an American Girl Troop, it’s similar to Girl Scouts. It’s based out of a local church and is a Christ centered program for girls, 5-18 years old. We work with the girls in areas of: Social Development, Girl Leadership, Life Skill Enhancement, Character Development, Developing Teamwork & Building Confidence, and Spiritual Development. It’s an awesome program, and I’m hoping we’ll get off the ground, with our troop, this fall.


IMG_7658Day 10.) What do you have in the Pipeline?

My debut novel, Vengeance: An Oak Grove Suspense, will be out soon, (look for info about the release in the next few weeks!) and I have started Book 2 of the series, Penance. I also have a paranormal romance, which I’m working on, called The Reluctant Prince. You can read the first three chapters on Wattpad or Winyanpressllc.org for FREE. I’ll have more info about that one a bit later. I also have another crime/suspense drama with a good smidgen of romance, okay, there’s a lot of romance, in the works for next year. 😉 So I’m pretty busy right now but its a good busy!

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